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Xpress completed a proof of concept in August. We had more than 700 provider interactions. Selected results below.


Xpress gets you the data and connections you need, so you can give health care providers what they want, when and how they want it.


The pharmaceutical industry and health care providers need a new way to communicate. Xpress is the solution.

Doctor Driven

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Dr Driven

Doctors Want Change - Proof of Concept

Xpress completed a proof of concept in August. We had more than 700 provider interactions. Selected results below.


I am unhappy with the resources I get now and how I get them

I’d like to see more patient focused resources, like patient education and assistance

I’d appreciate more high level resources like medical science affairs liaisons and other non sales peers

I’d like to be able to request samples and resources through Xpress


Xpress Works for Pharmaceutical Companies

Research estimates that as many as 60 percent of medical practices restrict access to pharmaceutical reps, yet physicians continue to need drug resources and samples. This is where Xpress comes in.

Xpress is the future of pharmaceutical marketing. Xpress increases access to physicians while presenting information in a manner that is both expedient and appealing. Xpress gets pharma in the door and keeps you there:

Here’s how Xpress gets you in the door

  • Xpress is staffed by highly trained, uniformed agents whose job is to get in and out of physicians’ offices efficiently. (Think UPS)
  • Xpress agents have electronic tablets containing marketing material and sample requests. The Xpress agent hands the physician the tablet so they can “self serve” and choose exactly what they want. (Think American Airlines ticket counter)
  • Xpress immediately sends the physician’s requests, accelerating order fulfillment. (Think Amazon)
  • Xpress captures the data from each interaction and aggregates it into real-time, insightful analytics that can inform marketing strategy and product validity. You will get to know your physicians through their patterns and preferences. (Again, think Amazon)
  • Physicians view Xpress agents as valuable service providers to be welcomed.
  • Xpress furthers the self-service model with our interactive website (launch late 2015).

We accomplish all of this for 25-35 percent of current cost.

To put your brand on the Xpress tablet, contact us now.


A simple service with an easy interface and a powerful result

The global pharmaceutical industry needs a new promotional model. In 2012, the US pharma industry spent more than $15 billion on drug promotion to health care providers. Currently, there are 81,000 pharmaceutical sales reps in the US, and research estimates that as many as 60% of medical offices significantly restrict pharma rep access.

Xpress is the solution

Xpress was designed by and for health care providers.  In our early testing we discovered that 75% of health care providers want a new way to get information and product resources. Xpress is the new way.

Here’s how Xpress works

  • Our uniformed agents place our tablet, equipped with product resources, into the hands of health care providers. (think UPS)
  • Health care providers ask for what they want. (think American Airlines ticket counter)
  • Xpress collects behavioral and interest data, anonymizes, aggregates, and analyzes this valuable data for pharma. (think Amazon)
  • Health care providers will use Xpress as their resource for pharmaceutical products, resources, and information. Health care providers go directly to the interactive Xpress website to ask for the resources they want (launch late 2015). (think Amazon)

To learn more about putting this powerful, disruptive technology to work for you, contact us now.