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With over 700 proof-of-concept interactions with providers, Xpress knows what doctors want and how they want it delivered. Selected data from interactions is available below.


Xpress is the new interface that delivers fast, accurate data about what healthcare providers want and creates the mechanism for pharmaceutical companies to respond responsibly.


Xpress learns what healthcare providers want and need to better treat patients. Our data empowers institutions and pharmaceutical companies to provide resources specifically tailored to provider requests.

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Doctors Want Change - Proof of Concept

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In our last proof of concept, we had more than 700 provider interactions. Selected results below.


I am unhappy with the resources I get now and how I get them

I’d like to see more patient focused resources, like patient education and assistance

I’d appreciate more high level resources like medical science affairs liaisons and other non sales peers

I’d like to be able to request samples and resources through Xpress


Xpress makes sense for Pharmaceutical Companies

Research estimates that as many as 60 percent of medical practices restrict access to pharmaceutical reps, yet physicians continue to need and want informative resources.This is where Xpress comes in.

Xpress creates a new relationship between healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. Xpress interacts with physicians on their terms while offering information and resources in a manner that is both expedient and appealing. Xpress connects physicians with the resources and information they want and need.

Here’s how Xpress works

  • Xpress is staffed by trained, uniformed agents whose job is to get in and out of physicians’ offices efficiently. (Think UPS)
  • The Xpress platform contains information and resources. The Xpress agent hands the physician our tablet so they can self serve and choose exactly what they want. (Think American Airlines ticket counter)
  • Xpress communicates requests, accelerating order fulfillment. (Think Amazon)
  • Xpress captures the data from each interaction and aggregates it into real-time, insightful analytics that build awareness. Physician behavior and interest over time becomes a powerful indicator of of what healthcare providers most need in order to offer the best treatment to patients. (Again, think Amazon)
  • Physicians view Xpress agents as valuable service providers to be welcomed.

We accomplish all of this with dramatic cost savings.
To investigate using Xpress, contact us now.


Service with an intuitive interface and powerful results

Xpress is a powerful new tool for interacting with healthcare providers.

Xpress was designed by and for healthcare providers. In our early testing we discovered that 67% of healthcare providers want a new way to get information and product resources. Xpress is the new way.

Here’s how Xpress works

  • Uniformed Xpress agents place our tablet, equipped with selectable resources for a variety of products, into the hands of health care providers.
  • Healthcare providers select just the resources of most interest to them.
  • Xpress turns these selections into data that reveal behavioral trends both over time and across cohorts of healthcare providers.
  • Xpress provides anonymized, aggregated analyses to push the pharmaceutical industry to provide the resources of most interest to healthcare providers.

To learn more about putting this powerful, disruptive technology to work for you, contact us now.